Nohkalikai Falls - Tallest Plunge Waterfall in India.

Nohkalikai Falls is the tallest plunge waterfall in India. Its height is 340 metres (1,115 ft). The waterfall is located in the Indian state of Meghalaya near Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on Earth. Nohkalikai Falls are fed by the rainwater collected on the summit of a comparatively small plateau and decrease in power during the dry season, from December to February. Below the falls is a plunge pool at the base of falls dramatically changes colors from blue to green with time and season.
There is a depressing story behind the naming of this waterfall. It is believed that a woman named Ka Likai was a widow and had a daughter from this marriage. She remarried so that her daughter can have the love of a father, on the contrary, her new husband hated the daughter as Ka Likai gave all her time to her little one. Once when she was away for work, he killed the little girl and cooked her flesh as meal. When Ka Likai was back from work, she was astonished not see her daughter around but was happy that her husband had cooked a meal for her. Satisfied that her daughter would be out playing, she enjoyed the food. Later, as she picked up the betel nut basket she found her daughter’s fingers in it. Filled with remorse, sadness and grief, she rushed to the cliff and threw herself down. And, so the fall was named after her Nohkalikai waterfalls.
The trek to the waterfall’s edge through lush grasslands, forested hills, huge boulders over a fossil-covered river bed, and clear streams, takes over 2 hours and it rewards you with the unique views of Nohkalikai. You can’t miss the Tlai waterfalls, on the way to the mouth of the falls. The three-tier waterfall leaves you spellbound. Another 45-minute walk on the river bed from Tlai falls takes you to the mouth of Nohkalikai Falls. You might feel adventurous to sit at the edge of the falls but, remember it can be utterly risky.
There are many ways to enjoy the Nohkalikai Falls. The view-point along the cliff gives you a panoramic view of the falls. There’s a steep flight of stairs that take you near to the waterfall. The trek to the waterfall’s bottom isn’t easy, especially with kids as it involves a lot of climbing down the rocks and boulders along the mountain path. Once you’re at the base, the clear blue waters of the pool look inviting. You’d surely want to spend some time admiring the falls from a different perspective after the tedious trek.
Monsoon season (May to September) is the best time to visit Nohkalikai when the falls are in their full form. If you are keen to take on the trek to the edge and base of the falls, October to March (winter) is the best time to visit Nohkalikai Falls. The best time of the day to visit the waterfall absolutely depends upon what you expect from the falls. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the falls from the viewpoint, then go in the late afternoon when the mist is cleared and maybe stay till evening to witness the majestic sunset over the falls. If hiking the falls is on your mind, early morning is the best time to start off as the trek can take anywhere between 4 to 5 hours depending upon the weather conditions and your stamina.
The Nohkalikai Falls is easily accessible by cab or car from Cherrapunji. Falls is located at a distance of just 5-7 km via Sohra-Shella Road from the main town. this waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attraction of Cherrapunji.