Ganesh Tok Gangtok - Hindu Temple at an Altitude of 6500m.

Ganesh Tok is a small Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha situated on top of a hill at distance of 6 km from Gangtok City. The Kanchenjunga hill can be seen in its true form of glory from here and is at its best especially in the morning. The temple has a religious significance attached to it and offers a peaceful surrounding.
The temple was built in between 1952 and 1953, by Shri Appa B Pant, the former Political Officer of Sikkim. It is known for fulfilling the wishes of its devotees. People need to climb a staircase to reach the upper levels where the viewing area is situated. Colourful flags are tied across the stairs making it stand out. Ganesh Tok is a quaint temple located at an altitude of 6500m.
The inner sanctum of the temple is so small that the devotees are required to crawl to reach Lord Ganpati. Apart from engaging in worship, devotees can have best view the Gangtok city. There is a viewing lounge with glass panels and a balcony to provide better views. From the balcony, you can view the snow-covered mountains including Kanchenjunga and the rolling hills.
There is a gift shop situated in the complex which offers a variety of colourful and handmade items to the tourists within their budget. There is also a place where shoes can be kept safe, and hands can be washed before entering the temple. You can take souvenirs for your loved ones from the gift shop on the temple premises. This place is also included as part of most sightseeing tours.
The ideal time to plan a vacation to the place is during the spring season between March and June. The skies are clear, and the weather remains pleasant. It is also the best time to participate in all the adventure activities. Ganesh Tok is situated at a distance of 6 km from Gangtok Town and is easily accessible using a local taxi or a bike. There is also a designated parking area for tourists.