Mudumalai National Park - Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu.

Mudumalai National Park is a Tiger Reserve in the Nilgiri Mountains of Tamil Nadu, South India. The Wildlife Sanctuary is home to several endangered and vulnerable species including Indian elephant, Bengal tiger, gaur, Indian leopard and many reptiles and birds. Famous for its tiger population, the National park was recently declared a Tiger Reserve with a population of about 103 tigers. The sanctuary is divided into five ranges – Masinagudi, Thepakadu, Mudumalai, Kargudi and Nellakota.
Mudumalai is popular for sightseeing and wild life tours. It is on the border of Karnataka and Kerala and shares its importance with the other wild life sanctuaries in the nearby locations. You can get the best of scenic view when you walk by the streams, rivers, waterfalls, and take a stroll in the deep valleys. Mudumalai National Park harbours tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests. The floral diversity comprises 498 plant species including 154 tree, 77 shrub, 214 herb and 53 vine species.
Summers in Mudumalai are hot, monsoon and winters are cooler. Throughout the year except for the month of April and May, you can visit this sanctuary and take safaris to get a glimpse of the wildlife. There are many places to see in the nearby locations and taking safari rides are the most common activities that you will find here. There are three provisions for Safari in Mudumalai National Park as  Jungle Safari, Road Safari and Elephant Safari. The Elephant Safari and Van Safari are conducted by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department. 
Safari Timing
06:00 AM to 08:00 AM and 04:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
Jungle Safari: 2 times in a day for 2 hrs.
Road Safari: 2 times in a day for 2 hrs.
Elephant Safari: Only morning time for 40 minutes.
The nearest Coimbatore Airport is 81 kms away from Mudumalai National Park. The airport is well connected to major places in India like Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, etc. Taxis are easily available for hire from the airport to Mudumalai National Park.